Is your Hair Salon or Spa Salon Making enough Profit

Salon Marketing for Hair Salons, Spa Salons and Beauty Salon Owners.

Using the Salon Marketing Toolkit will allow you to take your Salon to the next level.

Having worked in the Salon Industry myself I have used these Salon Marketing Tools and they have been proven to work. These Salon Marketing Strategies are guaranteed to increase the revenue of your Salon.


Salon Marketing Perth

We Guarantee that using The Salon Marketing Starter kit
your Salon will:

  • Get your more new clients ALL Year round
  • Get your Salon Staff empowered to take responsibility
  • Get your Salon Clients spending more without realizing it!
  • Get more Salon Clients through your door and your diary full
  • Get you the lifestyle that you deserve

There are a lot of ‘generic’ marketing Companies out there who have never worked in the business, so how can they expect to know your business? Well we do!

In this Salon Marketing Starter Pack you will receive guaranteed proven Salon flyers, Salon adverts that can be used for Newspaper and in your Salon all ready done for you.

All you have to do is edit these to suit your Salon’s needs. These are downloadable in less than 30 seconds.

Expert Salon Marketing Toolkit

The Salon Marketing Starter Kit includes:

  • Newsletters: for you to engage with your own Salon clients, already prepared they can be used in Facebook, sent out via emails and not forgetting snail mail. There are three High Quality outstanding newsletters to ‘Wow’ your own clients and bring in more revenue.
  • New Clients: Year after year get new clients through the door. This proven simple method is a winner to make sure you keep bringing in new clients throughout the year. All you have to do is follow our system to reap the rewards. This is a step guide for Evergreen Salon clients.
  • Salon Posters for men/women: Slow times become busy times, with this one simple strategy. These posters are already for you to print off. You will receive 2 outstandingly Professional ‘A Frame’ Walk in Posters. You will have Professional templates ready to go. You can also use this in your Salon.
  • Sizzling Newspaper Adverts: 3 highly POWERFUL Newspaper adverts that have been used in our own Salon and WILL Explode your salon sales. Can also be used for your own Salon and Spa clients.
  • Business in a Box Library: Your complete resource library of all our marketing material. This will provide you with substantial knowledge. Remember knowledge is Power.
  • Special Report: How to make $42,000 without any New clients through your door. Sound good You bet! Proven and well used Marketing a Salon Strategies that you can use over and over again.

These can be utilized in any Hair Salon Spa Salon or Beauty Salon. If you want to go from zero Profit to the sky’s the limit then this Salon Marketing Starter kit is for you.

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