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Salon Business Ideas

Friday, September 18th, 2015

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Sell Retail Without using Your Own Salons Cash Flow


All Salon Owners have issues at some time of the year with cash flow. Keeping this never ending issue, sometimes having to rob ‘Peter to Pay Paul’ can be tedious and a sign that the Salon owner has real issues keeping their head above water.


Using someone else’s money is always easier using your own, this is why we decided to adapt using this very system in our Salons.


How do you think that shops like Walmart run their businesses? Do you think for one minute that they buy everything, not a chance.

Every salon owner  can sometimes struggle with keeping correct stock levels in the salon at some-time or other. They rely on the income from these to boost their Salons profits.


Also selling old unwanted stock quickly can also be problematic.

Cash Flow is every Salons headache and this will assist you.


The really tricky thing is how to keep the stock levels on your shelves high, but then you have the same old issue week after week what about cash flow! If you would like to read more



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