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Re-bookings are Gold in your Salon

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Re-Booking are Gold

In discussions with many salon owners, I still find it a mystery that while the client is paying for their makeover and products another appointment is not booked and handed to them on a business card.

This is the best time to get them booked in as they are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from their makeover.

This is like $$$$$ in the bank…

I have heard all manner of excuses as to why this is not done:

• Don’t want to pressure the client

• The client never remembers the appointment anyway

• Business cards are too expensive

• My staff is hopeless and always forget and don’t have time. (To make more money?)

I won’t go on, because honestly it is a load of BS. It is in that “Minimum attention gets you maximum results” area. Salon Marketing online can be easily done in any Salon.

Your staff all need to be trained to re-book appointments as a matter of course. This should start at the time your client is sitting in the chair and a discussion should take place as to ‘how’ your client can keep their hair in the style they are looking for within a specific time period and agree on that. Then when you get to the counter this will not be an issue.

Salon Marketing Online

Just like discussing and showing your clients the products used on their hair or body, your staff need to be trained into re-booking appointments as part of their job description. Your staff work for you! This is a no brainer.

How easy is it before the money is taken to say “That style should last for 6 weeks. We can fit you in on the Tuesday like today, or would a Thursday be more convenient?” Have the page open at the appropriate date and pencil poised to re-book and then the date and time written on a business card.

It should also be policy to ring the client a couple of days before the next appointment for confirmation or change in case the client finds they cannot attend. It is always a good idea to have a phone number with the booking, as this makes the process so much more efficient.

If you really wanted to reinforce the re-booking and get clients really interested, one trick a Salon I know puts the names of all clients who re-book into a crystal bowl and draws 3 names out every 3 months. Those lucky people get a choice of either 5 free foils or any products with a value of $40. She changes the prizes every 3 months. Her re-booking rate now is almost 100% as a result. Let’s face it you have to be “in” it to “win” it.

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Your staff can be selling machines without even trying

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Salon Marketing Secrets

How to fully embrace the ‘art’ of seeing endless opportunities with your clients to ensure they will return and spend more in your Hair and Beauty/Spa salon without even realising it.

How easy it really can be by advising your clients on the benefits. Increasing the value of each client

Every Salon that opens its doors each morning and receives clients has mountains of “Hidden gold” that just needs to be “mined”.

What is obvious though is that the majority of salon owners do not seem to know how to extract that gold. The answer, therefore, is to learn the techniques listed below and to make sure that all staff members are fully trained in their use and that these techniques are used daily.

Let me explain further: Every client that walks through your doors and sits before you is your “Captive Audience” and has already agreed to open their purse or wallet and buy services from you.

They are there because they want to be there, and willing and ready to spend whatever it takes to get that “Makeover” whether it is hair, face or body. They know the “need” that made them step inside your door is going to be fulfilled. They probably feel relaxed, happy and are looking forward to the enjoyment of the end result.

Whilst you have the client in that mood, how difficult is it going to be to sell them items that you know they will have a future need for? This concept is not pressure selling, it is providing high quality service, good advice, and is being helpful.

Would they get this at a supermarket or a bargain basement store? I think not. This method gives you a chance to “Set yourself apart” and is called “Looking after your client” after all they have agreed to open their purses and wallets. All you have to do is carefully mine the gold.

Salon Marketing Ideas

So how do you “mine” that gold? Involve your client by making sure that you and your staff consistently bring the client into the conversation. You must explain the process: what products are being used on them and why that particular product was chosen. Also, let them have a closer look so they can touch, feel, and smell and read anything on the packaging they want thus promoting it in a very subtle way.

For example, if styling hair, the client should be told about and shown shampoo and conditioner (have bottles for the client to view when he/she comes back to the chair after being at the basin), styling lotion, wax, or hair spray that can be purchased after your client’s appointment.

If you look at the list, everyone uses shampoo, conditioner, styling lotion, hair spray, waxes, etc. All these products are available in the supermarket in generic form…nothing too fancy or extravagant.

However, make mention that the products you are selling can ONLY be purchased from a professional salon, which implies higher quality and exclusivity. People love to show off what most people cannot buy and will pay a good amount to do so! Why give big business any more money when you can offer a superior product to your returning customers?

This is not a hit or a miss process. This procedure should be followed with every client, every time they come into your salon. It makes them feel like you are a caring salon; and although it may seem subtle, it does bring results. You, the salon owner, need to make this a policy or risk leaving vast amounts of money on the table. At a risk of repeating myself, why risk losing customers to big business or another salon when you can keep them coming back for more by implementing these procedures.

What would happen if you could increase the amount of money coming in from your client’s purse or wallet by an extra $30 or $40 for each appointment? I’ll let you do the math!

One more thing, don’t forget to get your staff to document any purchases made onto the client’s card (is card a salon term or would record or file be more appropriate? Will let you decide that one), so it can be brought up for discussion on the next visit.

For example, the next time one of your regulars comes in you can be ready and say “Oh Mary, I see you bought, shampoo and conditioner last time, how have you found them, because your hair has never been in better condition”.

This is once more complimenting Mary on her decision to buy the products, telling her the results have been worth it, thus feeding her pride, and also subtly telling Mary that she needs to purchase more in order to keep her hair looking as good as it does. After this, do you think Mary will revert back to buying the shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket? I don’t think so!

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