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Your answer machine is a cash Register

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Spa Salon Marketing

Many Salons I talk to leave their answer machine on all the time-money is being left on the table with countless Salons following this practice-Why…

Getting your telephone to ring is critical to the survival of your business. Many of you spend many dollars on marketing to make this happen, but when it does, your telephone techniques may let you down.

I know for a fact this happens in many salons

• An Answering Machine for any Spa Salon Marketing can take the call telling your caller you are busy and to leave their name and phone number (I would think – why should I, if you are too busy to take my call, then you are too busy to take me on as a client)

• An apprentice without much experience answers the phone and cannot give correct advice when asked (I would think – Wow, if this the best that this salon has to offer, I will keep on ringing until I find someone who can answer my queries)

• A more senior staff member answers the call and rushes the caller. (I would think – This person did not give me the time of day, I think I will take my business elsewhere, I am getting the feeling I am not important)

I agree that the phone can interfere with your client’s service and it’s a double edge sword, if the phone doesn’t ring you are not cutting and earning! You have to find a way to answer that phone, there are digital phones available now and can easily be in any of your rooms in your beauty salon or placed anywhere in your hair salon. Just think about this from a new client or existing client’s perspective.

Spa Salon Marketing Tips

Make sure the answering machine is only used at night, and that a qualified staff member answers the phone every time during business hours. Always get that person to ask the name of the caller immediately, and if the person if not sure of what they want, EXPLORE a little before making the appointment.

Get their Phone No) If the caller is still unsure then suggest you make the booking for XYZ time, and invite them to come in 15 minutes earlier where they can have a cup of tea or coffee and look at some hair styling books if you are a Hair Salon or read about the various kinds of facial or treatments if a beauty salon.

Remember the client is Queen/King from the moment you pick up the phone. The client is not compelled to do business with you. There are many choices available to them. You MUST invest time and interest at this time, stand out from the rest and Treat them like “GOLD”.

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