Hairdresser: Interviewing Part Two


Interviewing Techniques

As a Hairdresser you firstly need to find out about your applicants personality and using the question and being creative with your interviewing techniques should weed out the good from the bad and the ugly.

You can have a magnetic personality sitting in front of you but they are not always the ‘best’ Hairdresser at their craft but their personality will draw clients in.

Alternatively you can have the absolute crème of the crop Hairdresser sitting in front of you in terms of ability as a stylist however, appears to have absolutely no personality. It’s a balancing act. Always remember that nerves come into play at a time like this and often a true personality does not shine through.

Style of Interview

There are Four Main Styles of interviewing and we will go through two of them in this Report.


This style is so different as the current employees interview the candidate.
They approach the applicant as a friend and future co-worker, trying to bring out their true personality.

Some people are very effective at putting on an “interview face” and may seem like the perfect fit when interviewed by a solon manager or owner, but end up being not so nice, so an interview with potential co-workers could possibly bring out the true personality.

One of the most important things of an interview like this is to make this feel like a friendly discussion between future co-workers and Hairdressers and not an actual interview.


Handled properly, this tactic gets the applicant to relax enough to reveal character traits that may otherwise be unseen.


To do justice to this style of interview you need to create a team of several members, each with a different interviewing style. There is also a panel leader.

The team then interviews the applicant as a group, freely asking questions from a list.
By answering various questions, if the applicant is obviously not the right fit, the Panel leader should cut the interview short to save the team’s time.

After the interview, the panel then have an open discussion and each gives their feedback about each applicant, and comes to a consensus of opinion regarding one person, who then would be the successful applicant.

This style is needs the panel to meet before hand to formulate the questions, each have a copy of each applicants resume and a thorough knowledge of the job that the Hairdresser applicant is applying for.


A fairly lengthy and time consuming process, however, the chosen applicant should be a good fit for the position on hand.

Body Language

Many say you must be fully aware of the candidate’s body language in answering certain questions.

Four Tell Tale Signs of a Liar as said to be as follows –

(1) Hand touching
(2) Face Touching
(3) Crossed Arms
(4) Leaning away

These are said to come from non verbal cues given by the subconscious, and according to the research done by North Eastern University, if all 4 are done together, then the person is very dishonest.

In summary

No two interviews will go the same as people are so different which makes life interesting.

Interviewing is an ‘art’ like everything else in life and the more you do, the better you will become at them.

But there is one important thing that we need to do to make sure that we perform at our level best and that is –

We must look at ourselves also, and make sure we do not interview with a bias, so take some time, now and be really critical of you and answer the following questions.

Am I impartial

Do I have preconceived opinions of staff members

Am I consistent with my interviews

Am I doing all the talking

Am I sending the ‘right message’ to the candidate about your Salon

Am I keeping control of the interview or are they

Am I giving this candidate my full attention

Am I in the right environment for this interview

Taking on any staff member is always a risk and you will perhaps need to walk away sometimes if the Hairdresser you are interviewing does not feel right for your Salon.