Marketing A Salon with Social Media


Marketing A Salon With  Social Media  with a limited Salon Marketing  Budget can use  all platforms  to connect with their clients.

Connect On an emotional level, before  your competitor does.

Facebook is an awesome Tool that can generate your Salon New clients, fill slow days and interact with your loyal clients, making them feel ‘special’.

Marketing A Salon with Facebook  does work. When your Salon Day ahead of you is simply woeful this is when Facebook can be used in ‘real time’.  This method of advertising is Free so use this to your Salons Advantage.  If you stay in their minds by using Facebook they will always remember that ‘you care’ and are always thinking about them. Twitter and posting to your Google Plus Page will also make you more visible online.

Marketing A Salon


We will carry out your social media postings for one month to the following platforms

  1. Facebook twice per day at the busiest proven times
  2. Google Plus twice per day at the busiest proven times
  3. Twitter twice per day at the busiest proven times

Your potential clients and existing clients all hang out on Social Media and they are using their Smartphones daily.

You cannot just post now and then it simply does not work.   We can manage your Social Media postings and you supply us with your content and any images and we will do the rest.

We can use our extreme knowledge and expertise in the Salon Marketing Industry and ensure all your posts are scheduled at the best time.

No contracts. Let us take the strain out of this for you whilst you get on with running your business.


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