Salon: Interviewing Staff can be easily achieved

Hand shake

In Your Salon you firstly need to find out about your applicants personality and using the questions and being creative with your interviewing techniques should weed out the good from the bad and the ugly.

You can have a magnetic personality sitting in front of you but they are not always the ‘best’ at their craft but their personality will draw clients in.

Alternatively you can have the absolute crème of the crop sitting in front of you in terms of ability as a stylist however, appears to have absolutely no personality. It’s a balancing act. Always remember that nerves come into play at a time like this and often a true personality does not shine through.

Style of Interview

There are Four Main Styles of interviewing and we will go through two of them in this Report.


Firstly, you need to create a very relaxed environment for the interview away from your . Salon.

Meet and greet, and offer refreshments and strike up a conversation with them. Never sit across a table or a desk, if you must use a table, a round table is best.

Your body language should be relaxed, and your arms left uncrossed. Natural or incandescent room lighting is the best for this type of interview. Florescent lighting is too harsh and does cause undue stress

Interview can also be done outside, if it is a nice day.
Questions should be asked in a very calm voice, and questions phrased not to sound harsh.


This environment and style of asking questions helps the candidate to feel more comfortable, often resulting in better dialogue opening up the chances of getting the right person first time.


This style of interview is directly opposite to the one above.

You intentionally create a very intimidating atmosphere. You can do this in your Salon

To do this you position yourself at the opposite end of a large table, or across a large desk, with your chair deliberately raised higher than the candidate’s chair so you appear rigid and in a more powerful stance.

Questions to start with should be the hardest and most uncomfortable questions.
Thought this process, you should maintain eye contact while showing little expression on your face as the candidate answers your questions.

If you wish you could also challenge the answers provided when possible to see if your candidate can handle on-the-spot pressure.


A completed evaluation of a candidate’s ability to handles stress, overcome hostile communication, and work under pressure.

As let’s face it you want the best staff in your Salon