Salon Marketing Videos


Salon  Marketing Videos

Salon Marketing Videos are now a key tool for Salons that want to engage with their own clients and get new clients through the door.

So exactly why should your Salon be using Salon video marketing


Sell Salon Services to Your Salon Clients easily

Look above and see what we have created for Salon Owners who can see the true value of using videos to sell to their clients in their salon.


A YouTube Video Embedded In Your Website Can Help You Rank Higher In Search Engine Results

  • Sell this through videos and here is just an example of what you can do with these
  • Sell you high end ticket items Ghds, hair extensions, Salon Promotions,weddings the sky is the limit
  • You get to chose what you want to sell and leave the rest to us
  • You can potentially optimize your presence online and optimize your website for Google’s search engines to rank better than you could imagine.
  • Every time your clients click on one of your videos whether you use this on Face book or your own website, Google will reward you eight times more than they would without video presence.
  • Search engines like Google love video! It is far easier to rank a brand new video on Google than it is to take a new page with over a thousand words and to get that to rank on page 1. Create your videos for targeted audiences and rank them on Google for specific keywords.
  • You can open your salon to a massive new audience, getting new clients and existing clients to spend more
  • You can place these on your salon website creating fresh content and Google will reward you as well
  • Statistics are showing that over one billion unique users use You Tube every single month, it is staggering.
  • Just let us know what you would like to advertise and leave the rest to us.

One Salon Marketing Video can make all the difference to your Salon Returns. Contact us if you have any questions


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