Salon Policy and Procedures Manual

Salon Policy and Procedures

Salon Policy and Procedures


Are You Overwhelmed at Dealing with Staff Issues

  • Does Your Salon Go Downhill as soon as you leave
  • Do Your Staff bumble along when your back is turned

Salon Policy and Procedures will Deal with all of this

Benefits with Salon Marketing Procedures Manual in Place

  • Sets clear, precise and easy to follow standards, systems and procedures
  • Becomes part of your induction of all new staff members, and saves time with all repetitive training
  • Can be referred to when needed for disciplinary action
  • Allows for consistent high standards to be achieved by all staff members as it shows your staff that your salon is 100% professional
  • Provides your staff with a complete framework of what is expected of them e.g. behaviour


All of us at Expert Salon Marketing realize that many salons do not have such a document to guide them, because the Salon owner just is too busy to sit and write such a document. With this in mind, and our years of experience in this industry, we have created the “Hair Salon and Spa/Beauty Policy and Procedures Manual.

  • All that is required to run a Salon and take you to the next level as your Salon continues to grow
  • Do you have to be in attendance at all times in order for your salon to run correctly?
  • Does your staff have clear and concise systems to adhere to
  • Do you have problems with staff discipline?
  • Do you need help with staff induction

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