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Motivating Your Salon Staff

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Marketing A Salon

This works like Gangbusters. We used to purchase small plastic containers like the small sauce bottles you get in the food malls these days and fill them with small samples.

It’s a really good way of enticing your customers to try something new, without the need of costing too much. You can always try asking your salon rep’s for demo bottles (they can be quite tight on times). Marketing A Salon can be inexpensive if you think ‘out of the box’.

It’s important to track which client has had which new product to try and a good idea to put this into your salon software Pos system as otherwise how will your staff remember?

Alternatively you can discuss with your client the product from the retail stand that you think will go well with their hair and do exactly the same thing. Get them to hold the bottle for you whilst you put this on to see if they are showing any interest.

When the client returns this will be discussed when the client sits in the chair to see and find out her hair responded to the new product line and the rest will be up the stylist to see if the product is a
‘good fit’ for the client.

You will sell more retail this way as the client is not committing herself fully to spending over $50.

‘Re-book and win’ for your staff.

Why not have a competition and put a notice out on the board in the back room. The prize can be cinema tickets (a pair), money but remember it’s really important to know what your staff are motivated by as otherwise it will be a flop.

Each time the clients re-book they go onto the chart out the back room and the winner at the end of the day or week (would be better) get’s the prize.


It is often difficult to keep your apprentices motivated and what really worked in our Salon was to put them on a small incentive scheme.

We gave them extra to be agreed upon at the start, say $10 for up-selling eyebrow waxing or some other service that they could do themselves, agree how many you expect from them at the start of the week.
Make it a fun week and it will get the staff highly motivated and at your next staff meeting you need to bring this up and compare this week with the promotion as opposed to the ‘normal’ weeks without the incentive.

It will be interesting to see the outcome.

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