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Fire that client -it’s unthinkable but you Must do this

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Salon Marketing Ideas

You can do many things to bring in customers with your salon marketing ideas with 99.9% of them happy. However, there is always that one client, who stops are nothing and complains.


Does any of this sound familiar to you?

She is late for every appointment, no call to tell you so, even though she does have a mobile.

She is cranky, because she is late, not late for you, but the appointments that comes next. (Is this our fault??)

She now complains about the text messages she received about the fantastic offers available

during the month, and then at the same time now goes into the emails she has had.

It never dawns on her that she could read them and see she has control over what she has in her inbox and UNSUBSCRIBE! After all she did agree to receive them in the first place.

Then she goes for it- she continues to complain that the shampoo gives her an itchy scalp, even though you change this every-time she comes in.

Next tells us she can’t afford our ‘new prices’, which we haven’t put up for ages (another mistake).

The haircut was not up to normal standard and so once again you placate’ this woman, we do this because we are taught that the customer is always right-WRONG!

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself ‘Why’ she keeps coming back for more?

Well it is because this woman is a Master; yes a Master act at getting things for nothing! She would even complain that the food served at the Queens garden party was crap!

If your salon was that bad, she wouldn’t come back time after time, after time!
All part of the act, that starts as whinging, whining and moaning as soon as she hits the deck outside your shop, so she gets free services etc.

Clients like this are no good for your sanity! They bemoan every thing you do, wear you down, and make you jump through hoops, even though you are doing a quality job.

What do you do? Take a deep breath, smile and say

“You have been coming here now for a while and all you do is complaining, we are constantly giving you free services – nothing is right in your eyes.”

You treat this salon with so much disrespect. I don’t want you to come back; you will have to find another salon to do your hair. Our books are now closed to you.

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