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Beauty and Spa Marketing Solutions: Four Easy Steps To Grow Your Salon and Motivate Your Staff

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Salon Marketing can be fun

Beauty and Spa Marketing Solutions. These are tried and tested and proven steps that you as a Salon Owner came make in your Salon Today. These will increase your Profits only if you act. These can be adapted to suit your Salons requirements.

  • Have a look at the treatments you have in your salon, take one of them, perhaps one of the older ones, give it to the client, but let her see you doing this. Put it in her hair and let her take the rest home. Using your product that is not selling is no great loss to you and it shows that you do care about your client. (This does work well and encourages them to buy from you in the future).
  • You can give them a hand massage whilst they are having their shampoo done at the basin (if you have an apprentice let her do it, (this is a unique feature, no- one else does this). I used to find that the clients loved having this done, being pampered and treated like royalty is how they want to feel. As soon as they leave your Salon they will be letting their friends know of your wonderful service.
  • Have one of your good selling retail product of the week, use it on her (get your staff to explain the benefits) then the client decide, this is a subtle way of up-selling, (you will know which clients will be able to afford this and which ones will not).
  • Offer them two treatments for the price of one. Let them have one in the salon and let them take the other one home (this will ultimately sell more treatments and will get your clients to think of managing their hair at home).They will then get into the habit of buying from you in the future.

Beauty and Spa Marketing Solutions As you can see these are not really going to cost you much, adapt these ideas to suit your Salons needs.

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